Monday, 17 November 2014

SatNav Bell-Endery

Bell-Ended SatNav Arse-conkery
I have a literally unlimited pit of bile reserved for people who transgress against all the laws of common sense, intellect and reason. The more minor and insignificant the transgression, the more it irritates me.

An example: people who seem to think that glass was chosen as the material from which to build car windscreens by virtue of a receptiveness to the application of SatNav suction cups, rather than it's transparent properties. That's right, it is made of glass so you can see the fucking road without having to peer round the TV sized device you've just stuck above the steering wheel.

I hereby issue an A.C.E. fatwah that all persons using their SatNav in this manner shall have both it, and their vehicle, taken away and crushed, since they are clearly too fucking stupid to own either.